CERT Mission: Anticipating and Solving the Nation’s Cybersecurity Challenges


CERT Division at a Glance

Software Engineering Institute

We were there for the first internet security incident and we’re still here 25 years later. Only now, we’ve expanded our expertise from incident response to a comprehensive, proactive approach to securing networked systems. The CERT Division is part of the Software Engineering Institute, which is based at Carnegie Mellon University. We are the world’s leading trusted authority dedicated to improving the security and resilience of computer systems and networks and are a national asset in the field of cybersecurity.

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  • Data Science: What It Is and How It Can Help Your Company
    In this webinar, we discuss this position from a number of angles—what the term “data science” means, what skills a data scientist brings to the table, what competitive edge data science can bring to your team, and the differences between data science and business analysis.
    Webinar - 07/02/2016

  • How to Build an Effective Insider Threat Program to Comply With the New NISPOM Mandate
    In this webinar, Randy Trzeciak, Technical Manager of the CERT Insider Threat Center, describes the summary of new requirements mandated by NISPOM Change 2 and the impact it will have on DoD contracting organizations.
    Webinar - 07/02/2016

  • FloCon 2017
    The FloCon network security conference provides a forum for large-scale network flow analytics.
    Conferences - 01/09/2017



Establishing Trust in the Wireless Emergency Alerts Service

Intelligence Preparation for Operational Resilience

In this podcast, Douglas Gray, a member of the CERT Cyber Risk Management team, discusses how to operationalize intelligence products to build operational resilience of organizational assets and services using IPOR. Podcast - 06/21/2016
Establishing Trust in the Wireless Emergency Alerts Service

Build Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM) – Practices from Seventy Eight Organizations

In this podcast, Gary McGraw, the Chief Technology Officer for Cigital, discusses the latest version of BSIMM and how to take advantage of observed practices from high-performing organizations. Podcast - 02/03/2016
Establishing Trust in the Wireless Emergency Alerts Service

Structuring the Chief Information Security Officer Organization

In this podcast, Nader Mehravari and Julia Allen, members of the CERT Cyber Risk Management team, discuss an effective approach for defining a CISO team structure and functions for large, diverse organizations. Podcast - 12/23/2015