Secure Lifecycle Solutions

Secure Lifecycle Solutions engineering processes lead to efficient, successful, and secure product development and deployment. Our expertise in DevOps process and tools, resilient system design and implementation, and requirements gathering and analysis enables us to develop comprehensive practices and engineering processes that meet evolving challenges by leveraging emerging technologies. Working with our stakeholders, we identify and solve problems using comprehensive solutions such as the following:

Critical Infrastructure Protection

We develop powerful systems for the protection of critical infrastructure systems and facilities. By developing both custom hardware and software, we provide secure solutions specifically tailored to stakeholder operational needs.

Cybersecurity Tools and Systems Development

We develop robust tools for digital forensic acquisition, systems assessment, and security analysis. Leveraging our broad experience in the cybersecurity domain, we anticipate and assess stakeholder needs and apply state-of-the-art technologies to develop custom solutions.

Application Technologies and Security

Using cutting-edge web and desktop technologies, architectures, and security practices, we envision, design, build, and assess systems that meet identified stakeholder security needs and usability standards.

Mobile Application Security

We analyze and develop solutions to implement best security practices on mobile platforms, improving and protecting user identity and privacy.

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