Cybersecurity Assurance

Our Cybersecurity Assurance researchers investigate how to improve the ability of organizations to measure and improve their management of cybersecurity risks. Our researchers, engineers, and subject matter experts often lead the national conversation on critical infrastructure protection and supply chain risk management. The collective lessons of years spent measuring and evaluating organizations in all 16 sectors informs our research as well as collaborations with organizations like yours.

Cyber-Physical Systems

We are working to determine if there are management practices and techniques unique to protecting cyber-physical systems, the role sector requirements have in shaping cyber-physical protection strategies, and how organizations can best identify and manage risks resulting from cyber-physical systems.

Cyber-Exercise Diagnostic

We are working to advance the state of the practice of cyber exercise by extending its use as a measurement instrument. We believe cyber exercise can be employed as an effective validation of capabilities in many dimensions.

Next-Gen Penetration Testing

We are developing tools and methods to bring increased value and robust measurement to the performance of technical vulnerability assessment.