We offer workshops that can help you with your organization's resilience.

CERT-RMM Users Group Workshop Series
This workshop series will improve your organizational resilience. You will attend a year-long series of workshops and experience hands-on activities that will help you to understand, compare, and enhance your organizational resilience using the CERT-RMM as the guide.

Coming in 2015

Measuring What Matters Workshop
It is critical to measure the right things to make better-informed management decisions, take the appropriate actions, and change behaviors. A measurement approach tied to strategic business goals and objectives ensures that planning, budgeting, and the allocation of operational resources are focused on what matters most to the organization. In addition, a shift to such an approach helps identify metrics currently being collected that may not be worth the continued investment. Participants in this workshop use their real-world business objectives to develop applicable goals, questions, indicators, and actionable metrics that they can implement to improve their operational resilience.

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