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Network situational awareness is the systematic gathering, analysis, and interpretation of data from local and remote networks, regarding structure, applications, traffic, and resources, to produce actionable information for decision making in network operations and defense.

Organizations often monitor networks for security violations, but network situational awareness uses that monitoring and relevant information from local and remote sources to build a consistent body of information that allows the network operators to employ the network efficiently and defend the network effectively.

In the late 1990s through the early 2000s, the CERT Network Situational Awareness (NetSA) team pioneered the application of awareness theory to network traffic and developed tools and methods engineered for extremely large, high-traffic-volume networks. Based on our experience in using those tools—in cooperation with the organizations that adopted them—NetSA group members have authored dozens of reports analyzing hundreds of incidents, developed analysis methodologies supporting organizations' awareness, and taught a variety of courses to both the public and adopting organizations.

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