Call for Papers

The Call for Papers for NatCSIRT 2017 is now closed!

Thank you to all who submitted abstracts. We will be emailing acceptance announcements on May 9th.

--2017 NatCSIRT Program Committee



This year, the first day will consist of three “tracks” enabling technical and managerial staff to attend sessions specific to their roles, responsibilities, and concerns. Each of these tracks may consist of brief presentations, demonstrations, and roundtable discussions:

  • Challenges and Issues for National CSIRT Managers (topic examples: leadership engagement, budget CSIRT team policies, process improvement, adding new services)
  • Incident Response, Threats, and Trends
  • Tools (incident response, analysis, etc.) and Automation of Various Processes



Saturday will be a general session, similar to previous years, for all annual meeting attendees. It will consist of presentations and panel discussions relevant to national CSIRTs. Topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • Engagement with Stakeholders (government, critical infrastructure, public and private sectors, etc.)
  • Capability and Capacity Building (includes within own country, new teams, or assisting other teams)
  • Vulnerability Coordination
  • Changing Roles of National CSIRTs
  • Incident Remediation Efforts
  • Threat Information Sharing
  • Impact of New, Old, and Inexpensive Technologies on National CSIRT Operations (IPv6, IoT, SCADA, ICS, etc.)
  • Measuring Success - Conveying the Impact and Value of National CSIRTs
  • Establishing Sector CSIRTs or Other Communities of Interest (single sector or cross-sector)
  • Cyber Exercises/Simulations (lessons learned, challenges engaging stakeholders, pitfalls to avoid, etc.)
  • Automation
  • Tools