Program Development Workshop

We tailor confidential onsite workshops to use actual malicious insider incidents that occurred in your organization. To prepare for the customized workshop, you provide us with a number of insider cases so that we can understand your organization's threat landscape. For three days prior to the workshop, members of the Insider Threat Center are onsite at your organization, interviewing staff members who are familiar with the insider cases provided. We treat all customer data as confidential and do not publicly distribute it.

The workshop spans two days. The first day consists of presentations and interactive exercises that help you assess your organization's vulnerability to insider threat. The second day focuses on providing you with actionable steps to better manage your risk of insider threat. We help you to develop a strategic action plan to address the risk of insider threat in your organization. This action plan is created and endorsed by senior leadership, addresses the particular problems faced by your organization, and considers your organization's unique corporate culture.

The target audience for the workshop consists of senior executives and decision makers. However, the complex nature of the insider threat problem requires a holistic approach. Multiple departments must be involved in the overall strategy. These departments include, but are not limited to, human resources, information technology, legal and contracting, physical security, and software engineering. Inter-departmental cooperation is the key to creating an effective strategy against insider threat.

Develop a Customized Insider Threat Program

A single insider threat strategy may not be appropriate for all organizations. The purpose of the facilitated workshop is to work with executives in an organization to design an insider threat program. Using actual data from the organization, we are able to help the executives tailor a program that specifically suits their needs.

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