Program Evaluations

Our Insider Threat Program Evaluation (ITPE) enables you to determine the efficacy of your existing insider threat program mitigation strategies. To reduce organizational risk to critical assets, we use an evaluation methodology to review the following program elements:

  • mitigation strategies
  • tactical execution as noted in associated processes and procedures
  • insider threat data collection and analysis tools
  • insider threat control measures
  • planned employee awareness and education activities
  • protection of employee¬†privacy and civil liberties

Evaluation Scope and Process

For the evaluation, members of the Insider Threat Center staff spends three to five days at your organization. During that time, we review documents, interview key personnel in your organization, and observe key processes and security con-trols in operation. We sign non-disclosure agreements, and all collaborations remain confidential. The purpose of the evaluation is to

  • review key artifacts including insider threat program procedures, information technology procedures, standard business operating procedures, and procedures for collecting data
  • observe data sources used for analysis
  • analyze program controls including security, tool access, personnel assignments, and audits

An evaluation report containing analysis and review of the effectiveness of your Insider Threat program is developed, plus CERT experts discuss how the program compares to other programs based on the CERT Common Sense Guide to Mitigating Insider Threat.

Mitigate High-Risk Areas of Concern

Does your insider threat program have all the necessary components to be effective?

Our evaluation reviews your key artifacts, processes, and controls to ensure that your organization is well protected against potential threats from the actions of malicious insiders.

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