Insider Threat Products and Services

Our workshops and assessments can get you on the road to understanding, preventing, and mitigating insider threats.

We Assess Your Gaps

Our confidential Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessment helps you understand your exposure to insider threats along multiple vectors and delivers a single, actionable framework so that you can manage these issues and associated risks.

We Evaluate Your Program

Our confidential Insider Threat Program Evaluation helps you to reduce risk to critical assets by determining the efficacy of your insider threat program.

We Help You Build an Insider Threat Program

If you are an executive, our Insider Threat Program Development Workshop helps you develop a strategic plan and create a program that specifically suits your  needs.

We Offer Opportunities to Earn Certificates

Our insider threat certificates enable you to become an expert in the field of insider threat. We educate you on how to help your organization identify and manage its insider threat risks, and how to measure its preparedness to defend against them. Our programs teach you how to evaluate your organization’s insider threat program, or even build and operate one from scratch. We developed the following certificate programs:

We Offer Training Courses

The following courses can be taken as part of a certificate program or individually: