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At the CERT Insider Threat Center, we conduct empirical research and analysis to develop solutions that combat insider threats. Our database of more than 1,000 insider threat cases contains information we’ve used to learn about and analyze insider threats. We use system dynamics modeling to characterize the nature of the insider threat problem, explore dynamic indicators of insider threat risk, and identify and experiment with administrative and technical controls for insider threat mitigation.

We are always seeking new opportunities to understand and mitigate the insider threat problem. Insider threats involve real people, so our research and solutions depend on engagements with the real world. Our goal is to provide practical, actionable knowledge and mitigation strategies. You can help.

The following are opportunities for you to engage with us.

Training Certificates

To assist organizations, the CERT Insider Threat Center is developing training and certificate programs for the following roles:

  • Insider Threat Program Manager (ITPM) Certificate
    The ITPM program will assist insider threat program managers with the development a formal insider threat program. (now available)
  • Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessor (ITVA) Certificate
    The ITVA program will enable authorized assessors to help organizations gain a better understanding of their insider threat risk and an enhanced ability to identify and manage associated risks. (now available)
  • Insider Threat Program Evaluator (ITPE) Certificate
    The ITPE program will enable evaluators to help organizations gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of their established insider threat programs. (available Late Spring 2016)

Training Courses

The following courses can be taken as part of a certificate program or individually:

Insider Threat Awareness Training
This one-hour course provides a basic understanding of insider threats within an organization and what employees should be aware of in their responsibilities to protect an organization's critical assets. This course explains how your work can be affected and how you can be targeted by Insider Threats.

Insider Threat Overview: Preventing, Detecting, and Responding to Insider Threats
This five-hour online course provides a thorough understanding of insider threat terminology, identifies different types of insider threats, teaches how to recognize both technical and behavioral indicators and outlines mitigation strategies.

Insider Threat Program Implementation and Operation
This three and a half day course builds upon the initial concepts presented in the prerequisite courses Insider Threat Overview: Preventing, Detecting, and Responding to Insider Threats and Building an Insider Threat Program. The course presents a process roadmap that can be followed to build the various parts of a robust Insider Threat Program. It discusses various techniques and methods to develop, implement, and operate program components.


You can engage us to perform an Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessment or pilot of the new Insider Threat Program Evaluation, which is currently in development.

Insider Threat Technical Solutions

The CERT Insider Threat Center assists organizations in producing and implementing technical controls to deter, detect, and respond to insider threats.

Custom Engagements

We are currently developing other ways to help organizations with their insider threats. Check back to see what new engagement opportunities arise in the coming months. Contact us for more information.

Fund Research or Collaborate with Us

With your organization's expertise and our technical, behavioral, and data resources, we can make a difference. Contact us for more information about how we can work together.

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To request any of these engagement opportunities or learn more about them, contact us.

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