Incident Management Products and Services

We help organizations and national CSIRTs develop, operate, and improve their incident management capabilities. Explore how you can take advantage of our products, training, reports, and workshops.

Both new and experienced incident handlers and CSIRT staff need training to implement and improve their incident management capabilities. CERT courses offered through the SEI can help your organization create and manage a CSIRT and learn about fundamental and advanced incident handling. The CERT CSIRT team can also deliver this course at your organization.

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Products and Services

Our Incident Handling training courses help managers, project leaders, CSIRT staff, and computer forensic professionals to

  • create and manage CSIRTs
  • prepare incident handlers to respond to system compromises at the administrator level
  • teach technical staff the best practices they can use for analyzing malicious code
  • describe tools and best practices that can be used to support organizations' incident response and forensic analysis investigations

Our publications and resources guide you through the process of creating and operating incident management and CSIRT capabilities.

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Our Incident Handling courses are designed to help managers learn how to stand up and operate a CSIRT. The courses also teach CSIRT technical personnel the techniques for detecting and responding to computer security threats.