Incident Management: Resources for National CSIRTs

The CERT Division recognizes the unique issues facing national computer security incident response teams (CSIRTs) and believes that it is important to provide mechanisms for cooperation and collaboration among the organizations that fill this role around the globe. We believe that information sharing is not sufficient to overcome these threats and hope to foster relationships and collaborate on solutions to the problems.


As part of those efforts, we have created some tools for authorized technical staff at national CSIRTs. These tools, including a collaborative website and instant messaging services, allow users to exchange information about technical projects and other relevant work. We also maintain a complete list of national CSIRTs. If you would like more information, contact us.

We look forward to your participation and feedback to make these resources successful. We can help each other in the following areas:

Information Sharing Exchange and Services

  • Watch and warning response
  • Current activity updates
  • Incident analysis and training
  • Alerting capabilities and content
  • Research on trends, threats, and risk assessment
  • Automated data sharing capabilities

Technical Exchanges

  • Technical consulting, training, and skill building
  • Technical staff exchanges or resident affiliates
  • Tool development and support
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Artifact Analysis
  • Network Monitoring and Analysis

CSIRT Capability and Skill Development

  • Assessment of CSIRT maturity and capability requirements
  • FIRST sponsorship and introduction to other organizations and strategic partners
  • Critical infrastructure outreach

Learn About National CSIRTs

A CSIRT with National Responsibility (or "National CSIRT") is a CSIRT that has been designated by a country or economy to have specific responsibilities in cyber protection for the country or economy. A National CSIRT can be inside or outside of government, but must be specifically recognized by the government as having responsibility in the country or economy.