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We invite anyone who operates or wants to establish an incident management capability (e.g., CSIRT, Security Operations Center, or Crisis team) or National CSIRT to work with us. If you are planning to establish a new incident management capability or have questions about operating your capability, contact us. Check out our key capabilities for a summary of services.

The following are opportunities for you to engage with us.

Consult with Us

If you are planning to establish a new CSIRT or have questions about operating your CSIRT, we can help. Contact us for more information.

Attend the Annual NatCSIRT Meeting

We host an annual meeting for national CSIRTs immediately following the FIRST Conference. The meeting provides an opportunity for organizations responsible for protecting the security of nations, economies, and critical infrastructures to meet and discuss the unique challenges of their roles. Visit the NatCSIRT event site for more information.

Attend Our Training

Benefit from our research and experience by registering for one or more of our training courses:

Fund Research or Collaborate with Us

With your organization's expertise and our technical resources and experience, we can make a difference. Contact us for more information about how we can work together.

Join Our Team

Are you interested in a career with the CERT Division? Learn more about our career opportunities.

Engage with Us

To request any of these engagement opportunities or learn more about them, contact us.

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