FloCommunity Email List

FloCommunity is a community of analysts built on the core of FloCon conferences. Our core focus is network flow-based analysis, but our scope often expands to cover other areas of network security analysis and situational awareness.

The general philosophy of this email list and site is inclusive—we intend to include international participants from both research and operational environments. They may be from universities, corporations, government entities, and contractors.

Subscription Information

Subscribe to the FloCommunity email list by visiting the FloCommunity Mailing List page and following the instructions in the "Subscribing to FloCommunity" section. Subscription requests are approved by the list owners; this is done primarily to prevent automated subscribe requests by spammers.

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Because the field of security is a large one, we want to concentrate on network security analysis. The email list covers security-related topics such as analysis of intrusion detection data, sensor technologies, and network inventory methods.

Moderation and Management

The list is moderated, and only subscribes of the list may post to it.

All messages will be filtered for spam and viruses. Any messages that are identified as spam or virus emails will be checked to make sure they were not incorrectly identified as such, but a delay in arrival to the list may occur in such a case.

Acceptable Content

Acceptable content includes, but is not limited to:

  • On-topic discussion of network security analysis, including disagreements and arguments supported by rational discussion
  • Announcements: availability of relevant papers, conferences, conference calls for papers, and similar announcements
  • Announcement of FloCon and FloCommunity events
  • Announcement of relevant new network security analysis technology (software, hardware, etc.). All commercial vendor announcements must be approved by the list manager .

Unacceptable content

  • Abusive language, ad hominem attacks or "flames"
  • Advertisements
  • Executable attachments (regardless of whether or not it contains a virus)
  • Repetitive announcements of otherwise acceptable type. A significant new software release is relevant; an upgrade from 0.01 to 0.02 is probably not.

Commercial Vendors

We believe that infrequent and tastefully composed announcements about commercial products relevant to this community can be acceptable, but these messages MUST be submitted to flocommunity@cert.org for approval. Only products addressing the topics mentioned above are eligible for announcements on this list.

Posting Guidelines

The primary language of the list is English.

Quoted messages should be edited down to only the content necessary to provide context for the response.

Use of HTML is discouraged. Signatures should be short and to the point, and should avoid the use of disclaimers unless legally required.

Vacation responders should be configured not to respond to list postings. Offenders will be dropped from the list until the problem is corrected.

Members may post to the list by sending messages to flocommunity@cert.org. Do not send unsubscribe/subscribe messages to this list. Instead follow the directions in "Subscription Information" section above.