FloCon 2011 Proceedings

Below you will find proceedings from FloCon 2011, which was held in Salt Lake City, UT, from January 10-13, 2011. They are in PDF format.


Resource Documents

Hiroshi Asakura, Kensuke Nakata, Shingo Kashima, Hiroshi Kurakami
Flows as a Toplogy Chart

Joel Ebrahimi
From Data Collection to Action’ Achieving Rapid Identification of Cyber Threats and Perpetrators

Sid Faber
Garbage Collection: Using Flow to Understand Private Network Data Leakage

Josh Goldfarb
Network Flow Data Analysis Using Graph Pattern Search

Phil Groce
The Rayon Visualization Toolkit

Randy Heins
Indexing Full Packet Capture Data With Flow

Jeff Janies
Protographs: Graph-Based Approach to NetFlow Analysis

Jeff Janies, M. Patrick Collins
Darkspace Construction and Maintenance

Kazunori Kamiya
Not to Miss Small-Amount but Important Traffic

Vojtech Krmicek, Tomas Plesnik
Detecting Botnets with NetFlow

Jeroen Massar
Using Flow for Other Things Than Network Data

Cory Mazzola, Timothy Tragesser
Security Incident Discovery and Correlation on .Gov Networks

John McHugh
Detecting Long Flows

Peter Mullarkey, Mike Johns, Ben Haley
Leveraging Other Data Sources with Flow to Identify Anomalous Network Behavior

Christopher Poetzel
DLP Detection with Netflow

Dan Ruef
Analysis Pipeline

Dan Ruef, Emily Sarneso
Incorporating Dynamic List Structures into YAF

Bilal Shebaro, Jedidiah R. Crandall
Privacy Preserving Network Flow Recording

Timothy J. Shimeall
Exploring the Interactions Between Network Data Analysis and Security Information/Event Management

John K. Smith
Real Time Topology Based Flow Visualization

George Warnagiris
CERT Virtual Flow Collection and Analysis

Rhiannon Weaver, Chris Nunnery, Gautam Singaraju, Brent ByungHoon Kang
Entropy-Based Measurement of IP Address Inflation in the Waledac Botnet

Tanja Zseby
Coordinated Non-Intrusive Capturing of Flow Paths

Last updated January 21, 2011