FloCon 2008 Proceedings

Below you will find proceedings from FloCon 2008, which was held in Savannah, GA, from January 7-10, 2008. They are in PDF format.


Spiros Anotonatos, Demetres Antoniades, Michalis Foukarakis, and Evangelos P. Markatos
On the Anonymization and Deanonymization of NetFlow Traffic

Michele Bezzi and Alexei Kounine
Assessing Disclosure Risk in Anonymized Datasets


Uday Banerjee and Ashley Thomas
Integration of Context into Data Analysis and Visualization

Michele Bezzi and Alexei Kounine
Assessing Disclosure Risk in Anonymized Datasets

Wim Biemolt and Werner Schram
Automatic anomaly detection using NfSen

Elisa Boschi and Ralph Gramigna
Privacy, Data Protection Law and Flow Data Anonymization: requirements, issues, and challenges

Michael Collins
Attack Reduction and Anomaly Modeling in Popularly Targeted Protocols

Valentino Crespi, Annarita Giani, and Rajiv Raghunarayan
High Level Flow Correlation

Xenofontas Dimitropoulos and Andreas Kind
Simplifying the configuration of flow monitoring probes

Sid Faber
Using the Google Maps API for Flow Visualization - Where on Earth is my Data?

Sunny Fugate
Visual Representations of Flow Data and the Value of Visual Language

Carrie Gates and John McHugh
The Ripple Decoded

John Gerth
Incorporating Network Flows in Intrusion Incident Handling and Analysis

Yiming Gong
Abnormal Traffic Detection and Alert

Phil Groce and Jeff Janies
Visualizations of Flow and Analytical Results (supplemental notes)

Hitoshi Irino and Masaru Katayama
Improvement of Processes for Flow Information

Atsushi Kobayashi, Tsuyoshi Kondoh, and Keisuke Ishibashi
Design for Large-Scale Collection System Using Flow Mediators

Tsuyoshi Kondoh and Keisuke Ishibashi
Identifying Anomalous Traffic Using Delta Traffic

John McHugh and Sanket Parikh
Flow Analysis in a Wireless Environment with short DHCP Leases

John McHugh and Vagishwari Nagaonkar
Revisiting the Threshold Random Walk Scan Detector

Ron McLeod
One Year of Peer to Peer

Ryan E. Moore
Network Analysis of Point of Sale System Compromises

Chris Roblee
Hierarchical Bloom Filters: Accelerating Flow Queries and Analysis

Lee Rock and Jay Brown
Flow Visualization Using MS-Excel

Timothy J. Shimeall
Anonymizing Network Flow Data

Jonathan M. Smith
Keynote: On Terabit Flow Analysis

Marc Ph. Stoecklin, Andreas Kind, and Jean-Yves Le Boudec
Dynamic Adaptation of Flow Information Granularity for Incident Analysis

Brian Trammell
YAF - A Case Study in Flow Meter Design

Greg Virgin
AMP-Based Flow Collection

William Yurcik, Clay Woolam, Latifur Khan, and Bhavani Thuraisingham
SCRUB NetFlows - A Software Tool for Multi-Field / Multi-Level NetFlows Anonymization

Tanja Zseby
A Flexible DDoS Detection System using IPFIX

Last updated January 27, 2008