CERT Basic Fuzzing Framework


Version 2.7
UbuFuzz64.zip(64bit) Virtual Machine (VMX) for fuzzingSeptember 23, 2013
UbuFuzz64.zip.sigPGP SignatureSeptember 23, 2013
UbuFuzz.zipVirtual Machine (VMX) for fuzzingSeptember 23, 2013
UbuFuzz.zip.sigPGP SignatureSeptember 23, 2013
BFF-2.7.zipFuzzing ScriptsSeptember 23, 2013
BFF-2.7.zip.sigPGP SignatureSeptember 23, 2013
BFF-2.7.dmgMac OS X InstallerSeptember 23, 2013
BFF-2.7.dmg.sigPGP SignatureSeptember 23, 2013
Version 2.6
DebianFuzz-2.6.zipVirtual Machine (VMX) for fuzzingOctober 22, 2012
DebianFuzz-2.6.zip.sigPGP SignatureOctober 22, 2012
BFF-2.6.zipFuzzing ScriptsOctober 22, 2012
BFF-2.6.zip.sigPGP SignatureOctober 22, 2012
BFF-2.6.dmgMac OS X InstallerOctober 22, 2012
BFF-2.6.dmg.sigPGP SignatureOctober 22, 2012
Version 2.5
DebianFuzz-2.5.zipVirtual Machine (VMX) for fuzzingApril 20, 2012
DebianFuzz-2.5.zip.sigPGP SignatureApril 20, 2012
BFF-2.5.zipFuzzing ScriptsApril 20, 2012
BFF-2.5.zip.sigPGP SignatureApril 20, 2012
BFF-2.5.dmgMac OS X InstallerApril 20, 2012
BFF-2.5.dmg.sigPGP SignatureApril 20, 2012


UbuFuzz is provided in a format compatible with VMware Workstation 7.
The OS X installer for BFF 2.5 requires Mac OS X Leopard or later. BFF 2.6 and 2.7 require Mac OS X Snow Leopard or later.

Note: We strongly recommend fuzzing in a virtual machine. BFF periodically clears the contents of the temporary directory, and when run on Linux it also activates a software watchdog that will reboot the machine if a fuzzing campaign stops. Fuzzing may also trigger operating system bugs that could cause kernel panics.

Quick Start for running UbuFuzz under Windows host operating system

  1. Unzip BFF-2.7.zip to c:\fuzz
  2. Unzip UbuFuzz-2.7.zip
  3. Open UbuFuzz.zip
  4. Create a snapshot in VMWare
  5. Power on the VM

If you do not wish to use a shared folder, simply remove ~/bff and unzip BFF-2.7.zip to the ~/bff directory. Please see the file README in the BFF-2.7.zip file for more details.

Quick Start for running under Mac OS X

  1. Install BFF-2.7.dmg
  2. Run BFF
  3. Run ./batch.sh