CERT Clustered-Computing Analysis Platform (C-CAP)

The CERT Clustered-Computing Analysis Platform (C-CAP) is a state-of-the-art forensics analysis environment that accommodates a complete suite of tools for host-based and network investigations. The environment maximizes the application of specialized computing resources to forensic and incident response missions. Analysts and investigators enjoy flexible, secure access to high-performance systems, increasing productivity, and enabling distributed collaboration.


Scalable Resources. This attribute allows the addition of functionality, storage, and processing power to meet changing mission demands.

Collaborative Environment. Multiple analysts can focus on the same or related events in concurrent examinations. This attribute also enables organizations to coordinate analysts who are geographically dispersed.

Centralized Management. This attribute provides rapid allocation of platform resources to tasks or analysts and ensures that resources can be flexibly and securely reassigned on demand.

Augmented Capabilities. Analysts have integrated access to a comprehensive array of analytical tools and resources.

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