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Secure Lifecycle Solutions Each Secure Lifecycle Solutions applied research project goes through five stages: (1) requirements, (2) prototype, (3) testing, (4) recalibration, and (5) piloting. This rigorous, data-driven process ensures that the solutions delivered are correct, usable, and highly aligned with specific customer needs.

Secure, Repeatable and Modern Development and Operational Practices

Our expertise in every phase of software development and operational needs on a wide variety of platforms enables us to evaluate, create, improve, and extend secure development process and methodologies based on unique needs and constraints. By leveraging technical expertise and longstanding collaborations with leading researchers from world-class academic institutions, our experts develop secure software solutions that bring real value to support the mission of our government and industry stakeholders and advance the state of the practice.

Big Data Analytics, Storage and Visualization

Our expertise in high-volume and real-time data systems enables us to create solutions capable of collecting, synthesizing, analyzing, and visualizing complex data sets.

Machine Learning and Computer Vision

We apply machine learning and computer vision technologies to create systems that can learn from data and its environment. Through collaboration with leading research experts at Carnegie Mellon University, we leverage groundbreaking research from the decision sciences, language technologies, and computer science.

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