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DevOps is a modern software development approach that brings development and operations teams together to improve efficiency and outcomes by focusing on shared business goals. DevOps follows and expands upon key principles of the Agile software development and Lean engineering movements and represents a fundamental shift in how large, distributed enterprise organizations develop and deliver software.

By cultivating cross-functional collective engagement in software development projects throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). DevOps affects the people, processes, and technology of an organization and requires adopting and implementing cutting-edge practices based on the primary tenants of collaborative culture, automation, data-driven processes, infrastructure as code, and ubiquitous, real-time system monitoring.

Features and Benefits

The features and benefits of DevOps include

  • Consistently develop software systems with measurably higher quality
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement¬†
  • Increase the accuracy of project budgeting and estimation
  • Release more software features, more often
  • Engage all customers and stakeholders early and consistently throughout the SDLC, leading to fewer defects and incorrect requirements
  • Build collaboration and trust between software development and IT operations departments, enabling organic process improvement and risk mitigation
  • Gain certainty of deployment success
  • Enable deployment across multiple platforms without increasing risk
  • Increase visibility and stakeholder input into features for the next release as it is being developed
  • Enable technical staff to adapt appropriately to changing requirements or environmental factors to maximize business value

How We Can Help

When you work with us, we help you establish robust DevOps capabilities by following a process that includes these elements:

Analyze - Analyze an organization's business goals, processes, and development/operational challenges to assess the status quo, bottlenecks, and areas that could get maximum impact from process improvement efforts.

Design & Develop - Develop a customized strategy and roadmap to improve organizational culture, process, and tools to support business needs and improve software development quality, transparency, and delivery while decreasing risk.

Apply & Measure - Provide tools and methods to enable process measurement capabilities. Apply a process improvement strategy according to the developed roadmap and measure the quantitative impact of DevOps on metrics for collaboration, quality, transparency, and process efficiency.

Monitor - Enable development managers and teams to independently monitor DevOps practices and engage in continuous data-driven improvements to tools and methods according unique organizational needs.

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