Digital Intelligence and Investigation Case Studies

TJX & Heartland Case

DIID team members collaborated with the U.S. Secret Service to collect evidence and create forensic images of the computers involved in the TJX & Heartland cases. These cases involved the theft of over 130 million credit and debit card numbers, making it the biggest computer crime case ever prosecuted in the United States.

Iceman Case

The DIID team also assisted federal law enforcement in acquiring and decrypting data related to the Iceman case, which involved attacks on computers at financial institutions and credit card processing centers.

Learn About Our Forensics Analysis Capabilities

Listen as Kevin Moore and Cal Waits discuss the TJX/Heartland case and describe our forensics analysis capabilities.

CERT's role in this landmark case underscores its importance in computer security over the past 20 years.

— U.S. Representative John Murtha, September 2008