Iceman Case

DIID team members assisted in the Iceman case, in which a former computer security consultant, Max Ray Vision (also known as the “Iceman” and Max Ray Butler), allegedly attacked computers at financial institutions and credit card processing centers, stole account information, and sold the data to others.

Knowing about DIID team’s expertise in cracking sophisticated techniques used by cybercriminals, federal law enforcement requested the team's assistance in acquiring and decrypting the Iceman’s data, thus providing critical evidence for the case.

Butler was sentenced to 13 years in federal prison for stealing close to two million credit card numbers adding up to over $86 million in fraudulent charges. His sentence was the longest hacking sentence in the U.S. until the TJX case.

montage of photos related to the Iceman case; courtesy of Santa Clara County Sheriff

Max Butler had an audacious plan to rule the black market in stolen credit cards.
[spread photo by Mark King; mugshot photo of Max Butler courtesy Santa Clara County Sheriff]

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