Survivability Analysis Framework

The growing need for interconnected and often global operations means that an operational mission or critical work process can be supported by multiple, often independently developed systems. Few analysis techniques accurately determine how these independently developed pieces have been integrated to effectively support a work process. In addition, a successful work process depends on effective use of the technology by the people who execute work process activities.

The Survivability Analysis Framework (SAF), a structured view of people, activities, and technology, helps organizations characterize the complexity of multi-system and multi-organizational business processes. The likelihood of failures increases when assumptions and decisions within one organizational area are inconsistent with those of another. The SAF is designed to address the following:

  • identify potential problems with existing or near-term interoperations among components within today's network environments
  • highlight the impact on successful execution as constrained interoperation moves to more dynamic connectivity
  • increase our assurance that operational mission and critical work processes can be successfully executed in the presence of stress and possible failure

 survivability analysis framwork

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