Software Assurance Modeling Framework

This framework provides a way to model aspects of the assurance ecosystem, such as security, and examine the gaps, barriers, and incentives that affect how you form, adopt, and use assurance solutions. The framework characterizes

  • the current portfolio of organizations working in assurance
  • assurance solutions (including those planned, funded, developed, and used)
  • the interrelationships among organizations and assurance solutions
  • the relative contributions of organizations and solutions to operational assurance
  • future trends and their potential impacts on operational assurance

The framework enables you to tie your current environment to operational needs to identify areas where you can apply policy, practices, and technology options to improve assurance. We have worked with organizations to pilot the use of the Software Assurance Modeling Framework.

Pilot the Framework

Contact us if you are interested in piloting the framework in your organization or have questions.

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