Training Courses and Workshops

The following training courses and workshops are related to software assurance and related topics:

Security Requirements Engineering Using the SQUARE Method
In this workshop, you receive an overview of security requirements engineering and the SQUARE methodology. The SQUARE methodology is an end-to-end process for security requirements engineering that helps you build security into the early stages of the production lifecycle. In the workshop, you discuss all nine steps of the SQUARE methodology in detail and participate as part of a team case study.

Software Assurance Methods in Support of Cyber Security
This course is designed to expose you, as a manager, engineer, or acquirer, to concepts and resources you can use now to address software security assurance across the acquisition and development lifecycles. This workshop focuses on four critical software assurance areas: security requirements, software supply chain assurance, mission thread analysis, and measurement.

Information Security for Technical Staff (also offered as eLearning)
This five-day course is designed to provide participants with practical techniques for protecting the security of an organization's information assets and resources, beginning with concepts and proceeding on to technical implementations.

Software Assurance Engineering Workshop
This onsite workshop is tailored to your organization's needs and focuses on decisions that are made early in the  acquisition and engineering lifecycles that influence software assurance.