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There are many ways you can engage with the Cybersecurity Engineering team. Our team has years of experience and the expertise to help you with issues related to risk management, software assurance across the development and acquisition lifecycles, software assurance assessment, system security assurance, system functionality assurance, and system operational assurance. Below are some ways that you can engage with us.

Attend a Training Course or Workshop

The courses and workshops are available that cover topics including software assurance methods, the Security Quality Requirements Engineering (SQUARE) method, information security, and software assurance engineering. Our staff can also develop and deliver custom training for acquisition or development staff that will help you meet your business goals for software assurance.

Get Help Designing a Curriculum

Our team has developed curricula and educational materials that you can use to develop your own curricula tailored to your needs. Get help designing a curriculum, whether you are an educator from an educational institution and you are creating curricula for degree programs or you work in industry and government and are creating curricula for employees.

Co-Develop an Organizational Competency Model

We can help you create a software assurance competency model for your organization to help you determine the software assurance competency across a range of knowledge areas. Our Software Assurance Competency Model provides a framework from which your organization can adapt its own model.

Get an Assessment

Our staff can conduct an expert-led risk assessment of your critical systems using the Mission Risk Diagnostic method. We can assess how your software assurance practices compare with broadly implemented current practices. We can evaluate your supply chain risk management practices and recommend improvements. We also work with you to develop a customized risk assessment that meets your unique requirements.

Learn How to Measure Your Software Assurance

Our staff can develop custom risk management and measurement solutions to help meet your software security needs. We can teach you how to use the Mission Risk Diagnostic method to assess your organization's risks. We can also work with you to develop risk models and simulations to characterize your organization's risks and identify software security measures using the Integrated Measurement and Analysis Framework.

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Contact us about any of these opportunities. We are also happy to talk with you and determine how we can best help you.

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