STEP is an alternative to traditional classroom education that builds the knowledge, skills, and experience your workforce needs to effectively perform its duties with confidence.

STEP's online approach uses asynchronous classroom style instruction and synchronous exercises to immerse your workforce in an environment where it learns in realistic cyber protect, detect, and respond scenarios. STEP combines four functions into one: Simulation, Training, and Exercise Platform.

Simulation. Our game-changing virtualization and user simulation tools provide a convenient, low-cost way for your teams to model your networks and test emerging solutions.

Training. STEP provides the benefits of online training coupled with real student-instructor interaction. Your teams have access to labs that cover many cybersecurity areas where they can work in isolated sandboxes and analyze real malware, use network security tools, and troubleshoot networks without impacting your own systems.

Exercise. Using a live network environment, your teams complete exercises that have a story, a topology, and a mission. Your team members access the exercise room remotely and collaborate with their teammates to execute the mission. In STEP, hundreds of people from around the world have worked together in the same exercise.

Platform. STEP scales well to run on a variety of equipment. It serves teams as small as a few people and as large as several hundred. STEP offers a convenient cloud solution and the option to use your own local platform.

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