Curricula: Software Assurance Curriculum

This curriculum, recognized by the IEEE Computer Society and ACM, includes materials for undergraduate and graduate level programs. Besides offering courses directly, we also offer materials for educators. These materials can be incorporated into existing education programs or form the basis of newly developed courses.

Software Curriculum Timeline Recognizing the importance of software assurance education to meet the growing demand for skilled professionals, CERT researchers collaborated on the software assurance curriculum with a team of educators from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, (ISC)2, Stevens Institute of Technology, and Union College. This collaboration, called the software assurance curriculum project, followed the timeline on the right (click to display a bigger version of the image), which shows the main activities and products resulting from the project

The curricula developed are available below:

Master of Software Assurance Curriculum

The Master of Software Assurance Reference Curriculum is the first curriculum ever to be developed that focuses on assuring the functionality, dependability, and security of software and systems. This curriculum provides guidelines for a well-rounded education on key security and assurance topics. Course syllabi support the development of a set of courses to be used in a master of software assurance curriculum program. These syllabi may also be useful for educators developing courses for industry practitioners. 

Undergraduate SwA Course Outlines

Undergraduate software assurance course outlines are a faculty resource for teaching fundamental skills to students either entering the field directly or continuing with graduate-level education. 

Community College SwA Course Outlines

This Community College Education report focuses on community college courses for software assurance. The courses are intended to provide students with fundamental skills for continuing with undergraduate education or to provide supplementary education for students with prior undergraduate technical degrees who wish to become more specialized in software assurance. 

Create an MSwA Degree Program

Resources are available for faculty interested in creating a standalone MSwA degree program or an MSwA track within existing programs.

Resources are available to faculty who wish to build their courseware and curricula from our research and materials.