Share Software Assurance Curriculum Materials

The Software Assurance (SwA) Education Project team is looking for materials to share with educators interested in adopting elements of the software assurance curricula. The team has developed the Master of Software Assurance (MSwA) Reference Curriculum that can be used to establish a graduate program or track, syllabi to support the development of courses to be used in an MSwA curriculum, undergraduate SwA course outlines, and SwA community college courses. While these materials can help educators get started in SwA education, more resources are needed to support wider adoption of undergraduate and graduate SwA courses, programs, and tracks. The team is seeking materials related to software assurance, including case studies, homework assignments, examples, lecture slides, and notes.

Authors will retain their own copyright. Materials submitted will be subject to peer review for relevance to the SwA course topics. If selected, materials will either be posted as submitted on this page, or a link to the author's site will be posted.

Contribute Materials

If you are interested in submitting materials to help support the SwA education community, please send them, along with an indication of the appropriate course and topic.

Resources are available to faculty who wish to build their courseware and curricula from our research and materials.