Our Mission: We collect, analyze, and validate emerging vulnerabilities to common computing platforms; we broadly notify operators of vulnerabilities as well as provide mitigation and remediation guidance.

The Vulnerability Analysis team helps to reduce security risks posed by software vulnerabilities by addressing the number of vulnerabilities in software that is being developed and in software that has already been deployed.

We help vendors learn how vulnerabilities are created and discovered.

We collaborate with software vendors and the researchers who discover defects in their products to support releasing vendor supported mitigations when vulnerabilities are disclosed publicly.

We provide guidance on improving the security of software.

We help organizations and individuals mitigate the impact of threats to their computing environments by providing timely guidance about the secure configuration of common operating platforms.

We publish information about vulnerabilities.

We publish Vulnerability Notes, which describe vulnerabilities we have discovered or have received from other sources.

We blog about software security.

We publish timely information about vulnerabilities and mitigation efforts on our CERT/CC blog.

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We can show you how to reduce security risks that result from software vulnerabilities.

Engage with Us

Use our vulnerability reporting form to tell us if you have discovered an unresolved security vulnerability.

What Is a Vulnerability?

A vulnerability is a software defect that allows an attacker to violate an explicit (or implicit) security policy to achieve some impact (or consequence).

Publications & Media

  • 08/25/2016 Security and the Internet of Things In this podcast, CERT researcher Art Manion discusses work that his team is doing with the Department of Homeland Security to examine and secure IoT devices.
  • 07/08/2016 Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Learn how to develop a vulnerability coordination capability, which helps you respond to vulnerabilities and demonstrates that you are serious about fixing them.
  • 06/09/2016 CERT BFF: From Start to PoC This presentation describes the CERT Basic Fuzzing Framework (BFF) from start to PoC.
  • 05/12/2016 Threat Modeling and the Internet of Things Art Manion and Allen Householder of the CERT Vulnerability Analysis team, talk about threat modeling and its use in improving the security of the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • 05/06/2016 Using Honeynets and the Diamond Model for ICS Threat Analysis This report presents an approach to analyzing approximately 16 gigabytes of full packet capture data collected from an industrial control system honeynet—a network of seemingly vulnerable machines designed to lure attackers.

Vulnerability Notes Database
Our Vulnerability Notes provide timely information about software vulnerabilities. Vulnerability notes include summaries, technical details, remediation information, and lists of affected vendors.

Download CERT Tapioca
CERT Tapioca is a virtual machine appliance (OVA) for performing man-in-the-middle network traffic analysis of software and devices.

Finding Android SSL Vulnerabilities with CERT Tapioca
CERT Tapioca can be used for automated discovery of SSL vulnerabilities in Android applications.

Updated CERT Fuzzing Tools
We have updated BFF V2.7 and FOE V2.1, the CERT Division's fuzzing tools, to include virtual machine changes.