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We accept reports of security vulnerabilities and serve as a coordinating body that works with affected vendors to resolve vulnerabilities.
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Our comprehensive four-step process helps you learn how to remove vulnerabilities from your software.
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Our discovery techniques help you understand how software vulnerabilities are created so you can learn how to avoid them.
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Our Mission: We help others detect, eliminate, and avoid creating vulnerabilities in software.

The Vulnerability Analysis team helps to reduce security risks posed by software vulnerabilities by addressing the number of vulnerabilities in software that is being developed and in software that has already been deployed.

We help vendors learn how vulnerabilities are created and discovered.

We collaborate with software vendors and the researchers who discover defects in their products to support releasing vendor-supported mitigations when vulnerabilities are disclosed publicly.

We provide guidance on mitigating threats.

We help organizations and individuals mitigate the impact of threats to their computing environments by providing timely guidance about the secure configuration of common operating platforms.

We maintain information about vulnerabilities.

We maintain a Vulnerability Notes Database that holds information about vulnerabilities based on information that we have discovered or have received from other sources.

We blog about vulnerabilities.

We publish timely information about vulnerabilities and mitigation efforts on our CERT/CC blog.

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We can show you how to reduce security risks that result from software vulnerabilities.

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What Is a Vulnerability?

A vulnerability is a software defect that allows an attacker to violate an explicit (or implicit) security policy to achieve some impact (or consequence).

News & Announcements

Publications & Media

Our Take on the Heartbleed Bug
Will Dormann, a CERT vulnerability analyst, was interviewed by the media extensively to get his perspective on the Heartbleed bug. Read his input, and download the Vulnerability Note that lists which vendor sites are affected by the vulnerability and which vendors have posted patches.

Why Cybersecurity Is Not Like the Immune System
The idea of a cyber-immune system sometimes circulates through the community, but it seems that such proposals either do not properly frame how the immune system works, how good computer security would work, or both. In this blog post, Jonathan Spring puts both ides in context in order to make clear why cybersecurity is not like the immune system, but why it would be nice if it were.

Updated CERT Fuzzing Tools
We have updated BFF V2.7 and FOE V2.1, the CERT Division's fuzzing tools, to include virtual machine changes.

Database of Known Software Vulnerabilities
The Vulnerability Notes Database provides timely information about software vulnerabilities and includes summaries, technical details, remediation information, and lists of affected vendors.