FloCon 2010 Proceedings

Below you will find proceedings from FloCon 2010, which was held in New Orleans, LA, from January 11-14, 2010. They are in PDF format.


Daniel Best
High-Throughput Real-Time Network Flow Visualization

Carter Bullard
Introduction to Argus

Carter Bullard
Network Flow Data Fusion: GeoSpatial and NetSpatial Data Enhancement

Michael Collins
Flow Traffic Analysis Narratives

Jim Downey
Lessons Learned while Providing SiLK Training

Sidney Faber
Strip Plots: A Simple Automated Time-Series Visualization

Mike Fisk
Traffic Analysis using Streaming Queries

Eduard Glatz
Abstracting and Visualizing Host Behaviour Through Graphs

Josh Goldfarb
Know Your Network

Shingo Kashima
IPTV Traffic “Qcast”: IP Multicast Traffic Monitoring System with IPFIX/PSAMP

Alex Kent
Network Host Classification Using Statistical Analysis of Flow Data

Atsushi Kobayashi
“SASUKE” Traffic Monitoring Tool: Traffic Shift Monitoring Based on Correlation between BGP Messages and Flow Data

Wilson Lian
Towards Reliable Traffic Classification Using Visual Motifs

Jeroen Massar
Simply Top Talkers

Owen McCusker
DMnet: A Behavioral Analysis System Supporting Trust Measurements

John McHugh
First Experiences with Cuckoo Bags

Josh Neil
Real-Time Change-Detection & Automatic Network Response

Arne Oslebo
Stager - A Generic Tool for Presenting Network Statistics

Scott Pinkerton
Flow Data at 10 GigE and Beyond

David Ripley
Geography of Internet2 Netflow

George Saylor
Parallel Processing in Netflow Data Fusion

Tim Shimeall
Flow Analysis for Situational Awareness

Tim Shimeall
A Temporal Logic for Flow Analysis

Ed Stoner
DNS and Flow

Ed Stoner
An Introduction to SiLK

Jonathan Taimanglo and Michael Jacobs
A Case Study – Using Flow to Identify Specific Malware Characteristics

Gregory Travis
Project Bloom: Empowering the Security Research Community through Data Products and Computing

George Warnagiris
SiLK and the Virtual Training Environment

Rhiannon Weaver
Beyond the Top Talkers: Empirical Correlation of Conficker-C Infected IP Space

Bill Woodcock
Keynote: Flow Data for Billing and Routing

Eric Ziegast
Introduction to SIE

Tanja Zseby
Flow Valuations based on Network-Service Cooperation

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