FloCon 2009 Proceedings

Below you will find proceedings from FloCon 2009, which was held in Scottsdale, AZ from January 12-15, 2009. They are in PDF format.


Jim Binkley and Divya Parekh
Traffic Analysis of UDP-based Flows in ourmon

Stephen Brooks
FloVis Summary

Carter Bullard
Flow Based Control Plane Situational Awareness

Pavel Celeda
Hardware-Accelerated Flexible Flow Measurement

Michael Collins
Integrating Human and Synthetic Reasoning via Model-Based Analysis

Tom Cook
Labeled Full Packet/Flow Level Data Capture: Towards a Framework for Instrumenting Cyber Warfare Exercises

John L. Crain
Managing and Monitoring a Root DNS Service

Sidney Faber
Is There Any Value In Bulk Network Traces?

Joel Glanfield
NetBytes Viewer: A Entity-based Visualization Tool

John Goodall
VIAssist: Visual Analytics for NetFlow Data

Keisuke Ishibashi
Detecting Anomalies in Inter-Host Communication Graphs

Paul Krystosek
IP Dossier

John McHugh
Data Structures for IPv6 Network Traffic Analysis Using Sets and Bags

Ron McLeod
Traffic Clusters in Networks of Convenience

Sagar Mehta
Analyzing the Effectiveness of Phishing at Network Level

Mark Meiss
An Analysis of Sampling Effects on Graph Structures Derived from Network Flow Data

Diana Paterson
Activity Plots: A Multi-entry Time Series Visualization

Martin Rehak
CAMNEP: Multistage Collective Network Behavior Analysis System with Hardware Accelerated NetFlow Probes

David A. Ripley
Shared Darknet Development

Timothy Shimeall
Panel on Flow Education

Timothy Shimeall
Education in Flow Analysis

Timothy Shimeall
Using Flow to Track Spam and Spam Responses

Teryl Taylor
Security Visualization with FloVis

Teryl Taylor
Flow Bundles: A Technique for Visualizing Network Connections

Gregory Travis
A primer on network flow visualization

Last updated March 10, 2009