CERT-Developed Curricula and Course Materials

The CERT Cybersecurity Engineering team researches how to best address security and survivability throughout the development and acquisition lifecycles, especially in the early stages. This same team also develops curricula and educational materials that cover knowledge areas that link to their research in the following areas.

Mapping of curricula knowledge areas to Cybersecurity Engineering research
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These curricula and educational materials can be used by

  • educational institutions that incorporate these materials into their degree programs
  • commercial and government institutions that incorporate these materials into their employee training programs

Your organization can initiate the use of software assurance competencies through a roadmap.

Software Assurance Curriculum

Protecting complex software systems against vulnerabilities and attacks is critical, so there is a growing demand for skilled professionals who can assure the security and correct functioning of software and systems. Recognizing the importance of software assurance education to meet this demand, CERT researchers are currently collaborating on a software assurance curriculum with a team of educators from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, (ISC)2, Stevens Institute of Technology, and Union College.

Software Assurance for Executives

Software Assurance for Executives video modules and slide sets provide information and guidance on all stages of the software assurance lifecycle as well as emerging topics such as cloud computing and standards that support software assurance.

Survivability and Information Assurance (SIA) Curriculum

Today's organizations rely on networked systems powered by fast-changing technology. This reliance makes them more vulnerable to attacks and forces system administrators to seek new approaches to computer and network security. To help them, the CERT Division has developed a downloadable three-course curriculum in survivability and information assurance (SIA). This curriculum offers a problem-solving methodology built on key SIA principles that are independent of specific technologies. These principles form the foundation of the CERT SIA Curriculum.

Lecture Materials and Artifacts

Lecture materials and artifacts in the following categories are available for use in a software assurance program or track: SQUARE, Secure Programming, Secure Software Management, Software Security Engineering, Case Studies, and Static Analysis for Software Quality.

Software Assurance Competency Model

The Software Assurance Competency Model was developed to create a foundation for assessing and advancing the capability of software assurance professionals. To help organizations and individuals determine SwA competency across a range of knowledge areas and units, this model provides a span of competency levels 1 through 5, as well as a decomposition into individual competencies based on knowledge and skills. This model also provides a framework for an organization to adapt the model's features to the organization's particular domain, culture, or structure. 

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